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  • By Lisa Jevens

Gadgets to Keep You Cool

Are you always the one who is too hot in the summer while everyone else is cool as a cucumber? Chill out with these personal cooling gadgets. They will help you stay comfortable inside and outside, whether you’re exercising in warm weather or trying to get to sleep on a humid night.

Car cushion

Tired of sticking to your leather seats? The Cool Air Car Cushion by Wagan is a seat cushion that has an internal air circulation system inside the cushion. It cools you by keeping air moving around the areas where you and the seat make contact. A two-speed fan at the bottom of the cushion moves the air. It plugs into your car’s DC outlet for power. An optional AC adapter is available for use at home or at the office. About $50 at and

Cooling collar

If you need a quick cool-down when you’re outdoors playing sports or gardening, the Cool Collar CCX-K can help. Simply “charge” the cooling pack for 20 minutes in ice water, then attach it to the neoprene neck wrap. Place it around your neck, and it should cool your skin to a steady 57 degrees for up to 90 minutes. The Cooling Collar itself is not wet, so it will work in high humidity. $34.95 at

Cooling mattress pad

The Chilipad Cube is a special mattress pad that regulates the temperature of your mattress by circulating water through a network of tiny silicone tubes. It can either cool or warm your mattress depending on how you set it. The dual zone model allows bedmates to select their own temperatures. It comes in all standard mattress sizes, and even includes a wireless remote control. $499 to $1,099 at or

Portable misting fan

One of the advantages of “spot cooling” with a personal fan is that it allows you to turn your air conditioning system down. The CoolMate personal misting fan is small enough (6-inches) to use at home on a desktop, but it covers a 6-foot range. It creates a cool breeze that includes a fine mist. The fan has a two-speed waterproof motor, and is specially designed not to drip. $75.95 at

Cooling hat

Mission was founded by professional athletes who wanted to use technology to make better fabrics for sports and workouts. The Cooling Performance Hat is one of those. It looks like a regular brimmed cap, but it’s lightweight and flexible. It has a unique performance fabric inside the band that instantly cools when it is wet with water or sweat, which it absorbs. To activate the cooling properties, simply wet it, wring it out, and wave it in the air. The company claims it makes your skin cooler for hours without feeling wet. There are no added chemicals, so the hat is washable and reusable. It comes in assorted colors for $22.99 at and

Originally published in the Chicago Tribune Prime Time senior living section on June 17, 2016.

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