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  • Lisa Jevens

The soundtrack of your life plays on at Richfield Living

Quick, think back to the 1970s and '80s. What was in your portable tape player?

Chances are, it was a mixtape — one you made yourself by recording songs you love, or one that someone made for you as a token of theirs. Almost everybody had a mixtape, and perhaps you still treasure yours.

Richfield Living is no exception. This lively community in Salem, Virginia, has such beautiful new independent living apartments at Lake Retreat and The Villas, they want to sing about them! And watch for "1200 Stories at Richfield Living" coming soon, where 1200 residents and staff will recall the anthems of their lives.

Maybe one of these classics will become the earworm that prompts you to make a move. Here’s the playlist for Richfield Live — the Mixtape.


Independent living frees you from all the things that tied you down before: Yardwork, snow shoveling, paying the property tax bill, repairing the roof and dealing with the cable company. All that is taken care of, so you have more time to be footloose and dance.

“The main reason we moved to Richfield is because we wanted to have less yard work. I love to garden, but I am unable to do as much as I want to, so we want to concentrate on social living.” – Jerry S.

“Movin’ On Up”

There is nothing like a brand new place to start the next phase of your life. The new apartments have perks the others don’t, such as underground heated parking, in-unit washers and dryers, and balconies or walk-out patios. Plus that “new home” smell, ah.

“Small Town”

Richfield’s 52-acre landscaped campus makes it more like a village than a typical retirement community. It features a Town Center, two restaurants, a wellness studio and gym, a salon and spa, hiking trails, walking paths, two lakes, a chapel and a community room. The most photographed residents are the flocks of geese, which turn everyone into birdwatchers when their newborns arrive in the spring.

“Lean on Me”

The value of good friends grows greater each year as we age. But as we get older, we can become more isolated just when we need those folks the most. A big reason that people choose a community like Richfield is all the opportunities to socialize and make friends in lots of different settings, from cornhole tournaments to parties and fine dining.

“At this point in my life, I didn’t think I would have so many new friends. The social time at Richfield is a surprise I hadn’t expected.” – Bill P.

“We Are Family”

Family takes care of each other, and that is what you’ll find at Richfield. The continuum of care means you can stay in the community as your needs change. There will always be expert staff to take care of you, whether you choose independent living, assisted living, short term rehab, long term care or memory care.

“The best thing about living at Richfield is the residents and staff. We feel like we are part of a family, and we have only been here a short time!” – Sue S.

For more information about Richfield Living including scheduling a tour, visit or call 540.380.4500.

Originally published in the Roanoke Times on October 28, 2021.

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